Hot Features in the New Explora DSTV Decoder

If you think the old explora DSTV decoder is great, then the new version is going to blow out your mind. It has great new features including more storage space, faster operation and a whole lot more as explained below

 A cool new interface

The new decoder interface responds fast to any command given and it allows the user to access anything they want. When put to the test, the decoder proved to be a lot more impressive than the previous version

 Can be upgraded

If you are technology conscious and don’t want to lag behind in entertainment, then this new decoder is for you. The new explora has 3 USB ports and according to Multichoice, it can be upgraded in the future to use features like WIFI and 3G connectivity.

The explora decoder operates using Linux

The new decoder uses the Linux kernel together with Multichoice and other Nasper subsidiaries custom developed code base. All these systems lead to a trouble free user experience.

User friendly remote

The previous remote that included an alternate function mode proved a bit complicated for some users and this was done away with in the new version. The new remote is much easier to use and has a big blue DSTV button or home button right in the middle where content can be easily retrieved.

Faster operating hardware

The new hardware has been programed to work faster; the CPU operates at a speed of 3 GHz up from a speed of 1.1 GHz.  In addition, it has a 1GB of DDR3 RAM which is four times bigger than the previous version.

Great news for BOX office lovers

Those who rent Box office movies through the video on demand rental service will see an increase in their catalogue. There will be 30 titles available at any given time, which gives more room for choice.

 Catch up service has gotten bigger

The new explora allows users to save even more programs. Users can now save up to 40 concurrent shows with up to 4 episodes each.

LNB cable

Explora users now only have one cable that runs into their decoder, and only two from the dish. This means that the thick cables associated with the system, are now in the past.

New price

With all these added features it is no surprise that the price for the decoder has gone up. The new price is around R2 499 compared to R1 000 for the previous model. This price may be up by 67 % more depending on where you get the decoder from.

More space in a smaller decoder

The new explora decoder has an increased space of 2TB, which is 4 times more than the previous 500 GB drive. The speed has also increased from 5400 to 5900 RPM. Despite these changes, the actual size of the dish has become smaller hence occupying less space than before.

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